Top 15 benefits of living in your own house

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Dreaming of a self owned lifestyle? Here is a quick overview on lifestyle of most home owners…

1. Relaxation at its best: when you are at home which you own, you have all the relaxation you need for a fresh next day start. You don’t have to dress uncomfortably to expect any outsider and you can eat, drink, sleep, read, play, laugh, cry, feel, enjoy, and much more, as and when you want to.

2. Come any time – Go anytime: In a rented house, the common complaint from land lords is about your daily timing for entry and exit. This is something that never concerns you when you are living in your own house.

3. Leave all the restrictions behind: For many of us, the freedom to live as per our wish is the major goal in our life. In your own home, you are certainly no longer bound by the strict regulations of your landlord.

4. Unmatched Pride and Prestige: When you purchase your own house, you get an internal feeling of super achievement, which is unmatched and out of the world. There is also a great sense of belonging to the encompassing community, your house is located in. This can never be the same in a rental house since you can not treat it like your own. Once you have bought a house, many other mattering things fall into the right place, like the perfect sense of security and a great peace of mind. Ultimately, you feel that you are now a well-settled person in life.

5. The best security one could wish for: When you are in your own house, you feel safe and protected. You are the sole owner to decide who enters the house and who doesn’t. Fortunately, you’ll always have a feeling that no one can kick you out of this peaceful place which you own an rely upon.

6. Newness on demand: When you think you need to put a new picture frame on that wall and make holes, or when you want to paint it to something extra ordinary, you don’t have to be permitted first. Just go ahead and make it happen.

You can decorate your rooms to match your style. Everything from the wallpapers to the interior furniture entailed can be exactly of your selection. When it comes to renovation or altering the landscaping, you need not think twice about the approvals and over spendings. Your home truly becomes your castle.

7. Freedom to customize: Renting a house doesn’t typically come with a lot of choices for amending your living space to better suit your special needs. You own house has it all for you. Plan a rework, think of a new interior design, buy new curtains, reframe the windows, replace the doors, put extra security equipment, equip heavy entertainment system, or put many wardrobes in the room, you have no one stopping you.

8. Your chance to be creative: If one fine day, you feel like spending some good time in making your home more relaxing and beautiful, you’ve all the time and authority required to use your creativity and decorate your house. Bring in some home decor stuff and sprinkle them around, you’ll give your home a magical touch in no time!

If you are also fond of having a pet, then your own house is, in fact, is an untroubled place to have them with you, since there will of course be no restrictions. Also, your own house will be a safer place for your precious and loveable pets. You can even have some special furniture designed and crafted for your best-furry-friend.

9. Full privacy: Yes! We all need it and deserve it. When you are having a bad day and you don’t wanna talk to anyone, or you’re willing to have a private moment with someone special or your family needs a D-N-D mode, you don’t have to worry about anyone. It’s your place and you can have your private moment.

10. Late night parties: Oh yeah! Who doesn’t love to party on those special Birthday nights, or when India wins over one of the rival nations. We do! And so do you! Make some noise and party hard. Sssshhh! But don’t disturb the neighbours 😉

11. Unmatchable Investment: Home is indeed an investment with Equity! If it wasn’t, we never needed the Real Estate Industry. Your equity is actually the difference between the amount you will be selling your home for and the amount that you still owe on it. Thus with every year, your equity will start growing. There are many assorted ways in which your home equity is increased over a time period, such as The Rising Home Prices with Years to Come. With each new year, the property rate per sqr. fts. increases with an increasing demand for the Real Estate Investments, thus appreciating your property’s net value.

12. Home Sweet Home: You’re settled! With your own home, you will be getting your own permanent address, which is very useful for all crucial documentation purposes. For your children, fortunately you need not worry about changing their schools at the discretion of your landlord’s sudden decision. Also with a well gated community living on a certain rise, your children can build a strong & lifelong friendship with other kids of similar age. There is therefore a greater chance of strong future planning with a fixed residence, which is all yours forever.

13. A valuable asset: If you have been allotted a heavy home loan by a bank to purchase your dream house, then you are entitled to claim both: the bank loan interest as well as the principal amounts of your home loan repayments for the obvious tax benefits. Remember that if you are a first time home buyer in India, you will also get an additional deduction of Rs 50,000 on the interest for your home loan of up to INR 35 lakhs. Win Win!

14. Guests are more welcome: We have those guests who we wish to keep away from and then we have these special guests who we want to stay longer with. Well! At your home, they are literally welcome without a need of a doormat saying “Welcome”.

15. A Good Night Sleep: At the end of the day, you can sleep calmly without having to worry about how to move into your own house, or about having to pay a big rent the other day, or about paying those inevitable charges, or anything that a rented house worries you about. You are finally at your own house and you deserve a good night sleep 🙂

I live in my own house and have a great feeling there, so do a lot of people who live in theirs. In my close contact, people who I sold houses to, have mostly appreciated the idea of buying their own house due to these factors that matter a lot when you are looking forward to a lavish and peaceful lifestyle.

You think, these ideas would work for your life too, then give me a call or write to me and I would love to hear about your new plans about moving into your own house.

Cheers 🙂

Pallavi Bhosale

Deo Nagar, Nagpur


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