6 things to remember when settling in a new city

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I think we all take into account a few factors when settling in a new home/city which relate to our needs inside the house. Most of us forget to also consider the various factors outside our residency.

Let me highlight some of those factors so that you don’t miss any, when you fall into such situation:

1. Perfect Residency: It is always best to make sure that the property suits you and your family with aspects such as room sizes, no. of toilets, etc. This is the reason why smart buyers spend good time in searching for the right property.


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Freestyle swimmers should take care of these 10 mistakes

Are you a pro swimmer? Do you take care of all the pool etiquettes?
Let’s find out…

Swimming Mistakes at Shiv Elite Pool - Pallavi Bhosale

1. Fit swimming gear:
Many swimmers have been using necessary equipment for years, however it is often found that they use broken goggles or untidy caps. It is advised by experts to use swimming gear which are flawless so that your safety & pool etiquettes aren’t compromised.

2. Timely stops: For amateurs, it is always very exciting to jump into the pool and swim fast. Remember that swimming takes more of your stamina than most other sports, the difference is that you don’t feel tired since you’re into the chilling water. It is very important to stop at various events during swimming so that the body can get sufficient rest and your stamina can resurrect effectively.

3. Enough breathing: I’ve been an underwater swimmer for years and its concept is to take a deep breath and go deep into the pool. For those who are new, try not to do this for longer durations. Initially, you should only swim underwater for 30-60 seconds. Holding your breath for long time isn’t advised.

4. Not too fast: Most youngsters have a curiosity of showing off speeds. Well, yes that impresses others however that should not be at the risk of your health. Fast swimming 🏊 practice is good only when you are training to be a lifeguard or for the olympics, and sometimes it is good in a disastrous situation.

5. Clean water: Swimmers using a club’s pool can rest assured of the cleanliness. For private pool owners, it is not always manageable to keep the pool clean. It is very important that the pool is clean and fresh especially if you are taking kids into the water. Clean pool means a healthy swimming.

6. No alcohol on swimming day: Swimming itself is a very effective sport that makes many instant changes inside and outside your body. Consuming alcohol some time before or after swimming, can make an adverse impact on your body.

7. No chewing gum in pool: chewing gums are never a good habit, especially in pool. Avoid them so that you do not feel interruptions during the hard time breathing when you swim.

8. Cold shower before & after the dive: Showers always make you fresh. If you take a shower before you swim, you’ll be cleaner and perfect for the pool. Also take a shower post swimming so that you don’t take home all the pool chlorine and other bodies’ grease with you.

9. Proper warm up before dive: since swimming brings all your body parts in action, it is important that all the muscles are ready to perform. A quick warm up ensures all muscles are active and can give you a good performance during swimming.

10. Set targets: If you simply swim but do not track your performance, you cannot be a pro-swimmer. Just make targets to cover feasible lengths each day and see them improving day by day. Remember not to make physical contact with other swimmers as they might get disrupted, and so could you.

Consequently, a swimmer with all above factors is a pro-active responsible swimmer who makes a point to take most benefits from swimming without bothering others.

I’ve swam at various places and pools, but the one that is close to me is the Shiv Elite’s dense pool which I use each day to maintain my speed and stamina.

Come take a closer look and see for yourself what this pool has for you when it is situated near your own house

Contact me today for a site visit.

Cheers 🙂

Pallavi Bhosale

Deo Nagar, Nagpur

Top 15 benefits of living in your own house

living in own house home sweet home residential real estate investments pallavi bhosale

Dreaming of a self owned lifestyle? Here is a quick overview on lifestyle of most home owners…

1. Relaxation at its best: when you are at home which you own, you have all the relaxation you need for a fresh next day start. You don’t have to dress uncomfortably to expect any outsider and you can eat, drink, sleep, read, play, laugh, cry, feel, enjoy, and much more, as and when you want to.

2. Come any time – Go anytime: In a rented house, the common complaint from land lords is about your daily timing for entry and exit. This is something that never concerns you when you are living in your own house.

3. Leave all the restrictions behind: For many of us, the freedom to live as per our wish is the major goal in our life. In your own home, you are certainly no longer bound by the strict regulations of your landlord.

4. Unmatched Pride and Prestige: When you purchase your own house, you get an internal feeling of super achievement, which is unmatched and out of the world. There is also a great sense of belonging to the encompassing community, your house is located in. This can never be the same in a rental house since you can not treat it like your own. Once you have bought a house, many other mattering things fall into the right place, like the perfect sense of security and a great peace of mind. Ultimately, you feel that you are now a well-settled person in life.

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Investment Benefits

Now you can earn better returns by investing in the commercial and residential Real Estate…


Why Real Estate?


“Investors who diversify into real estate outperform those who don’t.”

“Real estate investing, even on a very small scale, remains a tried and true means of building an individual’s cash flow and wealth.”

“It’s tangible, it’s solid, it’s beautiful. It’s artistic, from my standpoint, and I just love real estate.”


The “20% rule” explains that an ideal investor should necessarily have at least 20% of their financial portfolio invested in some alternative options such as the commercial Real Estate. This rule became popular due to the Yale endowment, which could outperform the traditional endowments that involved only bonds and stocks, for over 25 years. In fact, an old investor who invested by applying the 20% rule in 1990 would have earned nearly 2 times of an investor who instead used a more traditional quota.


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Have you been looking to buy your own house but facing obstacles? The wait is over now!

Dear Visitor,

Thank you for your interest and welcome to my blog 🙂

I am an established citizen in NAGPUR – the fastest emerging city in India and best investment destination currently.

Nagpur’s best valued region is the Wardha Road – the new address for Nagpur’s growing infrastructure, and now it is easy to invest in. Let’s learn how!

Why Wardha Road?

📌 MIHAN – Logistics and Cargo hub with 250 acre container depot

📌 International Airport

📌 AIIMS – development work has started

📌 IIM – classes started at VNIT

📌 IIIT – land has been allotted

📌 3-Star, 4-Star & 5-Star Hotels

📌 New VCA stadium – 3rd best cricket stadium in the world

📌 Law University – Land has been allotted

📌 NCI (National Cancer Institute) – Work is already in progress

📌 METRO Rail – Work is in fast progress

📌 Patanjali Food Park in 250 acre – Work has started

📌 IT-SEZ Park – Already developed and is growing with leading firms:

* TCS – started operating

* INFOSYS – Work is in progress

* Tech Mahindra – Recruitment has started

* HCL – Work starts shortly in 50 acres area

* Air India MRO – Work is in progress

* Lupin Pharma – Already started

* TAL (TATA Aeronautical Limited) – Already started

* Globallogic, Infocept, Hexaware, CloudData, SmartData Enterprises, and many more IT companies are operating at a good pace in IT-Park SEZ-MIHAN.

Hence,  the Wardha road, at present, is the best location for investment in the real estate.

Let me now introduce you to my business:

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